2.5 New Store - Tech Package (US Stores Only)

2.5 New Store - Tech Package (US Stores Only)

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This package should be ordered for EVERY new Crumbl 2.5 location in the US ONLY. While this does not include ALL required tech items needed for a new location, this package includes every item that needs to be provisioned by Crumbl Corporate. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to fully assess your location's required tech items based on your Final Set Architect Plans. Some locations, based on store size or design, may require less or more of some of these items. Please review these plans before making an order of this package. If your architect designs call for more or less of the items than listed below, it is recommended that Franchise Partners order items separately. All single items listed below can be ordered can be found in the Tech section of Crumbl Foods. 

The Crumbl Tech Package 2.5 Includes:

* 3 -  13 inch iPad Airs: Wi-fi and Cellular

* 8 -  10.9 inch iPads: Wi-fi Only

* 1 UniFi Cloudkey

* 1 UniFI G4 Bullet Camera

* 4 UniFi G3 Flex Cameras

* 1 UniFi Wireless Access Point (WAP)

* 1  16-port Switch

* 3 Stripe Reader M2's (US only model)

* 3 Stripe Docks 

* 1 Yealink IP Phone

Photo description may not actually be fully representative of the shipped product (quantity, camera type, etc)

These items come directly from the Crumbl Corp Tech Team and order may take time to process. Apple products may take longer to arrive than UniFi products. Franchise Partners SHOULD NOT request faster shipping times/rates, as these can't be honored for these products due to situations outside of Crumbl's control.